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Bandcamp presale & video for new solo album "Where the Spirit Rests" 

Today we launched the pre-sale for my new solo album via Bandcamp. The album will be available via Glitterhouse (Europe) and Drums & Wires (North America). It will be out on June 4th. You can order the LP / CD / download here: https://bit.ly/33tXhp

Here's the video for the album's title track: https://bit.ly/3vMLGOE

The images for the video were generously loaned to me by Robin Mellway. I found his gorgeous super 8 films of the north american west on Youtube. I am very thankful that he allowed me to include his work in the video as I think there is a strong connection between the song and these images.


NEW SOLO SONG: "Early Snow" 

Here is the image video for my new song "Early Snow": 


This was the first song I finished writing for the upcoming solo album - almost exactly a year ago. Alastair McNeill joins me on analog synth and production. 

The album "Where the Spirit Rests" is out on June 4th. It's available for pre-order via Glitterhouse mail order and "Early Snow" can be streamed at the usual places: https://linktr.ee/ChrisEckman​

2018 Album Releases 

After a few years of not making any new music, things got a little bit carried away. The 2018 discography: 

Dirtmusic - Bu Bir Rya 
The Strange - Echo Chamber 
Distance, Light & Sky - Gold Coast 
Katalena - Človek ni zver (producer) 
Chloe Mons - Hôtel de l'univers (producer) 

A big thanks to all the stand up, hyper-talented people I worked with on these. I feel damn lucky to have been included.

Date Event Location
Chris Eckman (quartet) KC Janeza Trdine , Novo Mesto, SI KC Janeza Trdine , Novo Mesto, SI
Chris Eckman (trio) El Lokal , Zürich, CH El Lokal , Zürich, CH
Chris Eckman (trio) Rätsche , Geislingen, DE Rätsche , Geislingen, DE
Chris Eckman (trio) Kulturzentrum Franzis , Wetzlar, DE Kulturzentrum Franzis , Wetzlar, DE
Chris Eckman (trio) Quasimodo , Berlin, DE Quasimodo , Berlin, DE
Chris Eckman (trio) Nachtleben , Frankfurt, DE Nachtleben , Frankfurt, DE
Chris Eckman (solo) Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg, DE Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg, DE
Chris Eckman (solo) Kantine , Köln, DE Kantine , Köln, DE
Chris Eckman (trio) Freakout Club , Bologna, IT Freakout Club , Bologna, IT
Chris Eckman (trio) Raindogs House , Savona, IT Raindogs House , Savona, IT
Chris Eckman (trio) Germi luogo di contaminazione, Milan, IT Germi luogo di contaminazione, Milan, IT
Chris Eckman (trio) TBA, Rome, IT TBA, Rome, IT
Chris Eckman (trio) Circolo Il Progresso, Florence, IT Circolo Il Progresso, Florence, IT
Chris Eckman (trio) Club il Giardino, Lugagnano, IT Club il Giardino, Lugagnano, IT