Songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist for acclaimed American band, The Walkabouts. In the last 25 years, the band has released 13 studio albums, 4 live albums, and 2 collections of rare tracks, on labels such as Glitterhouse, Virgin and Sub Pop. They have also toured extensively in Europe and the United States.

Collaborators and guest musicians have included: Brian Eno, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Warren Ellis (Nick Cave/Dirty Three), the Tindersticks, Mark Lanegan and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1996, The Walkabouts had Europe-wide success with their single “The Light Will Stay On” from the “Devil’s Road” album. The song was placed on the singles charts in many countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Greece and Israel.

Other bands & projects:

+Solo: has released three solo albums, "A Janela" (1999), "The Black Field" (2004) and "Last Side of the Mountain" (2008). "Last Side of the Mountain" used the poetry of Dane Zajc, one of Slovenia's most esteemed poets, as the source for the lyrics.

+Dirtmusic: as a trio consisting of Eckman, Hugo Race (ex-Bad Seeds) & Chris Brokaw, they released two albums “Dirtmusic” (2007) and “BKO”(2010). The new album will feature only Race and Eckman.

+L/O/N/G: a duo with Rupert Huber from Tosca. Released their debut album “American Primitive” in 2011.

+The Frictions, a rock band based in Ljubljana. Released their first album "Halogen Sky" in 2012.

+The Strange: collaboration with Croatian instrumental band, the Bambi Molesters. Eckman is the vocalist and co-songwriter. Released an album, "Nights of Forgotten Films" (2004)

+Chris & Carla: duo project with Walkabouts singer and co-founding member Carla Torgerson. They have released three albums, “Life Full Of  Holes" (1994), "Swinger 500"(1998) and "Fly High Brave Dreamers"(2007)


The Walkabouts: Travels in the Dustland

L/O/N/G: Run of Days

Dirtmusic: Fitzcarraldo

L/O/N/G: Run of Days