As a soundtrack composer, I have been involved with many projects in the last years. These include:

+“Feed Me With Your Words” (2012), the debut feature film by the internationally recognized (Cannes) Slovene/Italian director Martin Turk

+“The Memories Of Angela Vode” (2010), feature length television film by the acclaimed (Berlin Bienale) Slovenian director Maja Weiss

+"Room 408" (2009), 50-minute television drama directed by Martin Turk

+"Dar Fur: War for Water" (2009), feature length documentary by Tomo Križnar & Maja Weiss. Won a special Amnesty International award.

+ Composed music for three Martin Turk dramatic short films: Stvari, Ki Jih Nisva Nikoli Naredila (2011), "Robutanje koruze" (2009), "Vsakdan ni vsak dan" (2008)

+“Installation of Love” (2007), 100-minute feature film by Maja Weiss. Soundtrack included pieces scored for a 50-piece orchestra.

+“Miracle of Goerlitz” (2006), 30-minute documentary made for German television (ZDF)

+"Child In Time" (2004), dramatic short that appeared in competition at the 2005 Berlin film festival. Directed by Maja Weiss.

+"Novi Svet" (2003), 5-hour mini-series, directed by Maja Weiss for Slovenian television

+“Where The Air Is Cool And Dark” (1996), feature film directed by Brion Rockwell. Composed the soundtrack together with Carla Torgerson and Pete Gerrald. Film won an achievement award from the American Film Institute.

Songs I have written or covered have been included in soundtracks for feature films, television programs and commercials:

+ The Walkabouts song “Devil In The Details” appeared for four years in a spot for clothing retailer Jack Wolfskin. The commercial aired on major television stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

+"Die Nacht Singt Ihre Lieder" (2003): directed by Romuald Karmakar (Chris & Carla "Life Full Of Holes").

+ "Varuh Meje (Guardian Of The Frontier)” (2002): winner of the Panorama award at the Berlin film festival. Directed by Maja Weiss (Chris & Carla "Blue Winter Snow")

+“Open Your Eyes (Abre Los Ojos)” (1998): a film by acclaimed Spanish director Alejandro Amenbar (The Walkabouts "Tremble Goes The Night")

+“Keys To Tulsa”(1995): an American feature film starring James Spader (The Walkabouts "Feel Like Going Home")


Trailer: "Feed Me With Your Words"

Trailer: "Angela Vode, skriti spomin"

Scene: Martin Turk "Room 408"

Trailer: "Darfur-War for Water"