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2018 Album Releases 

After a few years of not making any new music, things got a little bit carried away. The 2018 discography: 

Dirtmusic - Bu Bir Rya 
The Strange - Echo Chamber 
Distance, Light & Sky - Gold Coast 
Katalena - Človek ni zver (producer) 
Chloe Mons - Hôtel de l'univers (producer) 

A big thanks to all the stand up, hyper-talented people I worked with on these. I feel damn lucky to have been included.

Near in the Distance 2 

I was part of an unforgettable performance put together by my good friend Rupert Huber (from Tosca and L/O/N/G) and the visionary folks at net:art. Rupert, Richard Dorfmeister and drummer Maria Petrova played in front of an audience in Vienna and myself and several others sang/played along in real-time via super high speed internet. Vienna, Ljubljana, Barcelona, Prague, NYC and Judenburg, Austria were all part of the soundscape.


Glitterhouse releases Walkabouts reissues 

Deluxe Reissues of their 1996 and 1997 classics with re-worked and extended artwork plus a bonus CD containing five unreleased tracks of that period. Comes in a multifold digipak with 16 page booklet and as a two-LP set (180 gram heavyweight vinyl, gatefold sleeve) plus two CDs! Also available is a boxed set with both albums plus the live album from the 1997 orchestra tour: Bruxelles.

Dirtmusic's new album "Lion City" is out! 

"Global fusion at its most democratic and exhilarating"
MUSIC OMH (UK): ****
"Lion City is a strong, viscerally stirring album and a true highlight of intercultural awareness in the contemporary music climate."

"Like Troubles, Lion City does attempt a new, thrilling kind of fusion, gathering everything from blues to dub, rock to electronica together, and confidently pulling it all forward. It’s an album of real vision. Step by step, Dirtmusic are building a new world sound."
AUDIO (DE): ****
"A psychedelic trip of hand-played strings, ambient electronical sounds, uninterrupted dark rhythms and whispering echoes." 
 "Dirtmusic just keep getting better. With every release they seem to delve deeper into the heart and soul of their music and keep developing new ways to hypnotize and entrance the listener. This is music that has gone beyond and takes the listener with it."
"This extraordinary album ends with September 12, a song of love to the grandmother of a young senegalese singer Ibrahima Douf who reveals a rare sensitivity as an interpreter ...the echo of his singing seems to propagate a fascinating and mysterious African night."
"dark and sensual, Lion City indulges in the eddies of the night. Built on electronic strata, Malian acoustic instruments and vintage guitars, Lion City confirms the validity of their approach: by dipping into the dust, their hands come back with traces of gold nuggets."
"The brilliance of Troubles clearly wasn’t a one-off, and I thought long and hard about what score to give this album. In the end, it was easy, Lion City is another classic."

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